You may not really know the weather in Stockholm when you are on your trip there. Sunny days are often unpredictable as most of the time Stockholm is cold and even though the sun might shine, the wind could make you chill as this seem to be with all seasons. There are those who experienced both sunny-warm and sunny-chilly or sunny-windy periods even during the month of May or summer. Winters are cold but it might not be as cold as think. When summer is warm it is not really so hot yet maybe not as cold as you believed either. It usually is nice in July with an average temperature of +22 degrees Celsius after June when you can enjoy the longest 18 or more hours of daylight which sound to feel good to last forever to some people. It is much unlike in December when you have only six hours of daylight to enjoy. The sun rises around 8:30 in the morning and sets down before 3:00 in the afternoon not leaving you enough time to go sightseeing.
There is even no particular rainy season when we have to consider the Average Temperature: in spring – maximum 4-15 degrees C (39-59 degrees F), minimum 3-5 degrees Celsius (27-41 degrees F); in summer, 19-22 degrees Celsius (66-71 degrees Fahrenheit), minimum – 10-14 degrees C (50-57 degrees F); in autumn, maximum – 5-17 degrees C (41-63 degrees F), minimum – 1-9 degrees C (34 -49 degrees F); in winter, maximum – 0-1 degrees C (32-34 degrees F), minimum – -3- -2 degrees C (27-30 degrees F); and, the Water Temperature in winter is around 2 degrees C (36 degrees F), while in summer around 16 degrees C (60 degrees F) in average. These, do not go beyond this readings.
Perhaps, the best guide to have is the weather figure from January to December based on Average temperature in Celsius (min, max): Jan. -5C, -1C, Feb. -5C, -1C, March -4C, 3C, April 1C, 8C, May 6C, 14C, June 11C, 19C July 14C, 22C August 13C, 20C September 9C, 15C October 5C, 9C November 1C, 5C and December -2C, -2C, approximately.