The people of Stockholm adapted a Swedish culture that has by large been drawn from its early Viking influence as a world power in the 17th century. Through this they developed a distinct culture free from outside influences and were able to sustain peace and neutrality throughout the entire 20th century, increasing Sweden’s economic strength. With this freedom and richness its people, who speaks English as a second language aside from being much like the Danish and Norwegian in speaking the Germanic language, can effectively communicate across country lines leaving their mark on the rest of the world. As an example, Alfred Noble the inventor of dynamite was born in Stockholm. Swedish culture is very visible in Stockholm’s people, literature in which Astrid Lindgren who created Pippi Longstocking became most famous, arts and cinema. Many say that when you visit Stockholm you can take in all of Sweden’s fresh culture.
Yet, because the people of Stockholm was founded by a group of male Vikings and Amazonian female warriors in 1250 in four different areas; Sodermalm, Ostermalm, Vasastan, and  Kungsholmen, they differ in specific characteristics that goes for the people living there when we consider the area as a whole. It is more likely that when you are an Sodermalm you are more interested in advertising and to indie music, or that when you are a female then if your middle class parents put in money to buy you an apartment you would rebel against it and rather move to Sodermalm and come home only once every year during Christmas since your role model is Robyn, or that whether you are a male or female you won’t mind wearing glasses at all times and would rarely put on a suit. Other important characteristics of the Sodelmalmare or people in Sodermalm is that they are strongly environmentalist, with their hatred to the Royal family they would lie that they go to the gym even though they did, vegetarian, football enthusiast though their style of play is slow and boring.
While in Ostermalm, people comes from wealthy families and usually are into economics and law, but whether they earn their degrees from either Handelshogkolan or at Stockholm University they are quiet about it. An Ostelmalmare would always want to wear like Patrick Bateman or Ebba von Sydow without really having any idea of who is a made-up-character and who is not. They often spend Saturday nights with a glass of champagne and women drinks for free. Many young men among them dream of dating Princess Madeleine.
In Vasastan, which is the Switzerland of Stockholm, people are more content on having money to buy an apartment within the city and don’t bother themselves to be indie enough or posh enough. They are very neutral, that if you are in search of good time you would feel you are in the wrong place. They are people who can’t even be compared to the people of Kungsholmen who you will probably understand only when you know what irony and satire is. In this last part of Stockholm people are sophisticated that if you don’t live there you may not want to go there.