Stockholm is the capital largest city of Sweden and constitutes the largest population in the Scandinavia area. As of 2010 Stockholm’s population comprises approximately 22% of Sweden’s population. It is believed that the city was founded in the early 1200 century probably around 1187. It’s strategically located on 14 islands on the South central east coast of Sweden just at the mouth of Lake Malaren. The popularity of Stockholm is renowned worldwide since it has been nominated as a global city and was ranked 24th best city in the world. The city is also one of Eaurope’s top ten cities and the best city of all Scandinavia.  Stockholm being the capital also holds a lot of important offices in its territory. Some of these offices are the office of the Swedish parliament, the office of the national governmeMalaren and like nt and it even holds the offices of the country’s monarch. The word Stockholm in the local language means two things stock for islet and holm for fortification. The city was believed to be built by Birger Jari in order to protect Sweden from invasion of foreign navies and to prevent the destruction of coastal towns like Lake Malaren and Sigtuna.  Throughout the centuries from its founding day the city has played an important role for the country of Sr givingweden and in Europe as a whole. The early establishments of trade routes and shipping monopolies of Stockholm paved way to making Stockholm or giving the city ample time to lead Europe in trade and economics.
The 16th century Stockholm’s economics has been so popular that its attraction to immigrants increased since a lot of immigrants looking for work would try to check their luck with the opportunities provided for by Stockholm’s booming economy. The economic developments did not hinder the cultural aspect of the city as a matter of fact under the leadership of Gustav III the cultural development of the city of Stockholm has flourished.
Although the great northern war stagnated the economic development of the city it immediately recovered in the early 1900s and regained its economic position. This was achieved through its pioneering advances in science and technologically logy as the trend shifted from labor intensive industries to a more technologically dependent means of production.
Stockholm has a moderate climate when you compare it to other places of similar latitude or even further south. Summers are warm and pleasant with daytime temperatures ranging from 20-22 degrees Celsius and the lowest would be 13 degrees Celsius. The winters are cold with an average of temperature ranging from -5 degrees to one degree Celsius and the lowest recorded would be -15 degrees Celsius with spring and autumn characterized generally from cool to mild.