When planning to live in Stockholm, you also have to consider the city’s education system if you are considering going to school and of course, learn Swedish. Here’s an overview of Schools in Stockholm.
Stockholm offers lots of excellent schools for expat. Public education is free of charge for every resident living in Stockholm and free adult education is provided as well.
Education in Stockholm starts at an early age. Kids under the age of 6 attend pre- school. The city offers day care services. It also caters for children who need special attention. The government provides free pre-school and family day care for children of working or studying parents while living in Stockholm. This benefit goes with unemployed parents or on parental leave. They can avail to the 15 hours of pre-schooling for their children from the age of one year onwards.
It is a mandatory to go to school for children above 7 years old in the city. The government offers to provide for their education. Expat parents can also avail to this benefit for their children. You can decide on which school to attend to and make use of the best education Sweden has to offer. You can enroll your child at the local school. You can also select among 220 primary and secondary schools throughout the city.
Stockholm caters upper secondary education at 28 public schools and 45 independent schools. Municipal upper secondary schools have 16 national programs, 15 special programs, individual programs and IB programs. If you are a parent of a child who has special educational needs or learning disabilities, there are upper secondary schools and programs catering to your needs.
You can also choose to send your child to one of the international schools to ease the transition into their new life in Stockholm. You can choose among different international schools like the British International Primary School, Kungsholmen’s Upper Secondary School, Sigtuna School. The International School Stockholm, The International School Nacka., and Vittraskolorna / Vittra Schools.