Living in Stockholm

Expats living in Stockholm feel right at home. This is not surprising because the city has a high quality of life. Stockholm is an exciting place where there are endless things to discover and activities constantly emerge. This is the center of Swedish trade and business life. If you would like to be a part of the community of happy expats living in the city, here are a couple of things you need to know about the city.
Weather in Stockholm can really be unpredictable. Sunny days are often changeable as most of the time Stockholm is cold. Even on sunny days, the wind could make you chill as this seem to be with all seasons. It is normal to experience both sunny-warm and sunny-chilly or sunny-windy periods even during the month of May or summer. Winters are cold but it might not be very freezing. When summer is warm it is not really so hot. It usually is nice in July with an average temperature of +22 degrees Celsius after June when you can enjoy the longest 18 or more hours of daylight. It is much unlike in December when you have only six hours of daylight to enjoy. The sun rises around 8:30 in the morning and sets down before 3:00 in the afternoon not leaving you enough time to go sightseeing.
It is easy to avail public transportation in the city and in the whole country in general.  Commuters enjoy hassle free transport offered by Stockholm Local Transport System (SL).  SL provides different modes of transport like buses, trains, tunnelbana, bussar, underground and boats throughout the city. Underground stations are marked with T and J for deep blue and train stations with a deep blue respectively. You can purchase a 30-day card for SEK 690 that will provide you with an unlimited travel throughout the greater Stockholm area. This is really the very hassle free and budget friendly way to get around the city. If you are still schooling, you can also avail discounted season card. You only need to show your valid kth student-ID. You can buy these SL card at the SL Info SL Info Centres in the underground, commuter train stations, and in-station convenience stores. There are discount for frequent travelers if you purchase set of tickets.
Moreover, you also have to check the city’s education system if you are considering going to school and of course, learn Swedish. The city offers lots of excellent schools for expat. Public education is free of charge for every resident living in Stockholm and free adult education is provided as well.