If you want to live in Stockholm and you would like to take the wonderful opportunity to stay there for good, make sure you have taken into account the things that you need to consider before you take the leap. This section gives you a guide of what it is like to live in Stockholm.
Real Estate in Stockholm. Stockholm offers many properties available for expatriates. Some property owners would consult websites to present their properties to interested buyers; some of them go to realtors while others would want to have direct negotiation with the buyers. The property would usually offer to sell, rent, or exchange their properties. Visit Real Estate in Stockholm.
Living in Stockholm. Expats living in Stockholm feel right at home. This is not surprising because the city has a high quality of life. Stockholm is an exciting place where there are endless things to discover and activities constantly emerge. This is the center of Swedish trade and business life. If you would like to be a part of the community of happy expats living in the city, here are a couple of things you need to know about the city. Visit Living in Stockholm.
Moving in Stockholm. When moving in Stockholm, you need information about the life in the city. You have to discover and learn from genuine experiences of the expatriate community. It would be helpful to read and participate in expat forums and blogs. Here are some important things to remember before moving to Stockholm.
At least three months prior to moving, you may have to obtain visas, work permits and other legal documents. Sort which belongings you want to bring with you in Stockholm and which things you want to leave behind. Also consider that it might be better to purchase things in the city instead of bringing these stuff with you. Make a list of all you need to have and do.  Careful planning will help the move go without hassle. Visit  Moving in Stockholm.
Studying in Stockholm. When planning to live in Stockholm, you also have to consider the city’s education system if you are considering going to school and of course, learn Swedish. Stockholm offers lots of excellent schools for expat.  Public education is free of charge for every resident living in Stockholm and free adult education is provided as well. Visit Studying in Stockholm.