Since the late nineteenth century local trains have been operated on the railways around Stockholm. Stockholms pendeltåg or Stockholm commuter rail is the commuter rail system in this city.
The Stockholm commuter rail system has three lines with a total track length of 200 kilometers, two long lines go across the county which runs through central Stockholm: route J35 runs from Nynäshamn in the southeast to Bålsta in the northwest, and J36 connects Södertälje in the southwest with Märsta in the north. J37 is the shorter route in the southwest which connects Gnesta to Södertälje.
There are 50 stations in this network, two of which are beyond the borders of Stockholm County, Eight connects with regional and long-distance trains, one connects with the tram system Tvärbanan, and three stations have access to the Stockholm metro. Several stations are also important interchanges to local buses. By far the biggest station in the network is the Stockholm Central Station which is the largest railway station in Scandinavia, with more than 50,000 boarding commuter rail passengers per day.
There is an also an efficient metro system called the Tunnelbana abbreviated as T-Bana or just T on signs. This metro system has exactly 100 stations, and can get tourists around the city and in almost all the downtown places as well as many inner suburbs. Here, trains run from 5AM to 1AM on weekdays, but there is no need to worry for they are replaced by night buses on weekdays once they are not in service. On weekends this metro system operates all night long.
A suburban rail network can also be found in Stockholm which is the Pendeltåg or Commuter rail. This network reaches into inner and outer suburbs of the Stockholm metropolitan area as well as Bålsta and Gnesta in Uppsala and Södermanland counties. There are currently 50 stations on two main lines and a branch line in this rail system.
Unlike in the United States and many other countries, commuter trains use the same tickets and passes as the subways and public buses, which make it easier and cheaper for those who are traveling in Stockholm.