Stockholm has an extensive bus system which reaches areas the Tunnelbana does not. There are a vast number of bus lines in Stockholm County. There are three different kinds of bus lines that differ from regular bus lines.
The first kind is the inner-city blue bus lines and the second one is the suburban blue bus lines. The blue bus are in the inner city variant trunk lines traversing large parts of the Stockholm inner city, and in the suburban variant acting as important feeder lines between the suburbs and public transport hubs in central Stockholm, or providing crossway connections between suburbs. These are called blue bus lines because the buses that operate on them are painted blue, in contrast to the red color of the regular buses.
The third kind is the service bus lines which are especially adapted for elderly people, and are found in certain residential areas. Along some parts of these lines instead of regular bus stops there are areas where one can halt the bus just by waving at them.
There are also night buses in the early hours of the morning when the T-Bana or subway isn’t running, this night buses fill in for the sleeping trains.
You can buy bus tickets on board, at any transit station, or at Pressbyrån newsstands. A single-ride ticket is good for two hours of travel with unlimited transfers. Alternatively, you can use 10- or 20-ride ticket books, unlimited travel passes, or the Stockholm card for travel on SL buses.
There are also sightseeing buses from April through September; Open Top Tours runs double-decker tour buses that connect the major tourist attractions in Stockholm. You can get on or off the bus whenever you wish during a 48-hour period and a discount is available with the Stockholm Card. You can also avail of these tours by going to this website www.stromma.se