Learn Swedish

When you decide to move to Stockholm, you must have considered going to a Swedish School.  Besides, learning Swedish might indeed be productive when you want to stay in the city for a long time.  It will certainly help you relate to the locals and to your new environment. Not to mention, it will give you advantage on some business and occupational opportunities. Here’s an overview of Swedish language and some of the top Swedish schools in the city.
Swedish is a language originated from North Germany.  It is widely used language predominantly in Sweden, Finland and along its coast and on the Åland islands.  During the Viking Era, it is the common language of the people living in Scandinavia. Also, with approximately 10 million speakers worldwide Swedish is currently the largest North Germanic language.
Swedish Institute (SI).  If you are still in your home country, you can learn Swedish before going to Stockholm by enrolling in Swedish Institute.
One of the main tasks of the Swedish Institute  is to be a liaison and provide services that facilitate instruction in Swedish language and literature at universities and university colleges abroad.
Swedish instruction is provided at some 220 universities in over 40 countries worldwide, except from Africa. The greatest concentration of university-level Swedish instruction is found in Germany, the United States and Russia. Swedish is often included in degree programs in Germanic languages, Scandinavian studies or the equivalent. Instruction is largely provided by non-Swedes.
Website:  https://www.si.se/English/Navigation/Learning-Swedish
Stockholm University.  Stockholm University offers a range of courses and programmes in the Swedish language, designed especially for international students and visitors and run by the Department of Scandinavian Languages.
Website: https://www.su.se/english/study/courses/swedish-courses
Folkuniversitetet. The school now offers SFI courses. SFI is a service offered to foreigners through the Swedish government. SFI courses are held in various locations throughout the city. They work with all language skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing, instruction is in Swedish from the start, small groups are an important part of teaching for maximal use of the language, a language Lab where you can practice and do extra exercises and vocational language training.
Website:  https://yourlivingcity.com/stockholm-guide/sfi-offered-folkuniversitet