Stockholm has plenty theaters to pick from before you take in one of the wonderful shows in Stockholm. You’ll have many choices to go to if you wish to extend the evening after having a casual or fancy dinner. There are a lot of performances that will be showing when you’re in Stockholm, so get your tickets early as they do tend to sell out quickly and enjoy a night at one of Stockholm’s theaters.
Royal Dramatic Theatre
The Royal Dramatic Theatre was founded in 1788 and is Sweden’s national stage for “spoken drama”. Around one thousand shows are put on annually on the theatre’s eight running stages. The theatre was built by the architect Fredrik Lilljekvist. Famous artists like Carl Milles and Carl Larsson were involved in making the decorations, and some of the interior decorations were made by Prince Eugen.The theatre also has an acting school, which is Dramatens elevskola, that produced many actors and directors who became famous. The school was split off as a separate institution in 1967.
Location: Nybroplan, Stockholm
Royal Swedish Opera
Kungliga Operan or The Royal Opera is Sweden’s national stage for opera and ballet. The opera company was founded by King Gustav III and its first performance, “Thetis and Phelée” with Carl Stenborg and Elisabeth Olin, was given on January 18, 1773; this was the first native speaking opera performed in Sweden.
Location: Gustav Adolfs Torq 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 46-8-791-4300
Stockholm City Theatre
Stockholms stadsteater  or Stockholm City Theatre is Sweden’s most popular theatre stage. It was created in 1956 but the first performance was delayed until 1960. Stockholm City Theatre is situated in the heart of Stockholm, in the building commonly known as Kulturhuset; the large lighted glass building at Sergels torg or Sergel’s Square, near the Sergel fountain and the Stockholm City roundabout. Kulturhuset is one of Stockholm’s most popular public buildings and, besides the theatre, also includes small cafés, book shops, a bar and a restaurant, a library, various exhibitions, public debates, lectures, book signings, a small medieval museum, and workshops. The theatre is Sweden’s most popular stage and the theatre with the highest bookings as well as the constant competitor to the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Stockholm City Theatre produces 30-40 productions a year on nine stages.