Swedish Cuisine

A city surrounded by water on almost all sides, Swedes has really grown to love seafood, especially salmon, which is typically smoked, marinated, or cured with dill and salt. Another popular catch is Herring, which is prepared in just as many ways, and is often eaten alongside breads, cheese, and eggs for breakfast. Many other seafood’s are also enjoyed by locals in this city.
Swede’s also has traditional dishes which are a century or less, and are still a very important part of Swedish everyday meals. Even though, modern day Swedish cuisine has already adopted many international dishes. The most renowned Swedish culinary tradition known internationally is the smörgåsbord and, including well known Swedish dishes such as gravlax and meatballs.
This once referred to tasteless porridge and other gruel, but has come to represent savory stews, roasts, and various types of seafood. This is no comparison with other European cuisines even though it is only simple traditional Swedish home cooking but it is anything but ordinary.
The Swedish smörgåsbord is a number of small hot and cold dishes served buffet-style. Literally meaning as “bread and butter table”, the term has become world famous, representing a collection of various foods, presented all at once. The traditional Swedish smörgåsbord commonly includes herring, smoked eel, roast beef, jellied fish, boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam, Janssons frestelse or Jansson’s temptation, a layered potato dish containing onions and cream, this is then topped with anchovies, and köttbulla or Swedish meatballs, which has won worldwide acclaim.
There are several restaurants in the Stockholm area with both Swedish is Scandinavian that should be noted for great dining an example of which is.
Mathias Dahlgren
This place has been given two Michelin stars since their very opening. The place has a very elegant and modern dining room in comparison to the food which is simple, but is artistically rendered and is dubbed as local food or “natural cuisine” by Dahlgren’s. if you want to try out a taste of the local delicacies, this place won’t really disappoint you.
Address: Grand Hotel, S Blasieholmshamen 6, Stockholm, 103 27
Phone: 08/6793584
Website: www.mathiasdahlgren.com
Swedish cuisine also has regional distinctions aside from its international differences. The popular dish in the far north is Pitepalt a pork-filled potato dumplings. The Southern region favors pytt i panna which is a fried dish made from diced potatoes and meat or ham, served with egg. While the east coast’s most important food is strömming, a small, silvery Baltic herring. The only similarity in any of the three locations is that no meal is complete without the accompaniment of Swedish rye bread.