Sweden’s capital Stockholm has a hot nightlife and offers great nightclubs. In Stockholm clubbers are spoiled with the number of choices of bars around the city. Particularly bars are concentrated around Stureplan in the city center. Other hotspots include the boulevards of Kungsgatan and Birger Jarlsgatan and the area around Kungsträdgården. On Friday and Saturday nights, most clubs are open until three, and sometimes even up to five in the morning.
Situated in the heart of Stureplan this is Stockholm’s biggest club. This club also has an array of bars and dance floors you can choose from, each with its own music style.
Address: Sturegatan 4 11435 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-545 076 10
Website URL:
Café Opera
This recently renovated club is housed in magnificent interior spaces in the Opera House, adjacent to with the equally famous Operakällaren restaurant. This is one of the coolest places to party and meet people.
Address: Karl XII:s torg 11147 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8-676 58 07
Website URL:
Grodan Cocktail Club
Is a relatively small club with an international spirit and high musical standards. Grodan is also a trendy restaurant and club in the city’s more exclusive neighborhood. From the luxurious restaurant, you can later go downstairs and listen to mostly house music in a modern setting.
Address: Grev Turegatan 16 11446 Stockholm
Telephone number: +46(0)8- 679 61 00
Website URL:
Club Kharma
Known as the most visited and most famous nightclub in Stockholm, Club Kharma in Stockholm has a mixed crowd with lots of vibe. Inside the club, the exotic allure of the Orient is combined with the calm order of Scandinavian cool. With different club events, special parties and club entertainment, Club Kharma offers lots of action all year around. Club Kharma is open from 10 pm until 3 am Tuesday through Saturday. Stockholm’s popular club remains closed Sunday nights and Monday nights, though.
Location: Sturegatan 10 in Stockholm
Phone:  +46 8 662 0465
Enjoy the night and make it one of your most unforgettable experiences. Have fun, enjoy, party, meet new people and immerse yourself to Stockholm’s exciting nightlife.