If you want to go around the city and experience its nightlife you can be sure that its is quite good here in Stockholm. The various Stockholm districts abound in meeting places like pubs, cafés and club-style restaurants with different profiles depending on age group and musical preference tourists can hang around these places and see lots of really beautiful people.
The night is usually started early by going to the local cafes and restaurant. Wherever you are in the city and regardless of whether you prefer Swedish, international, ethnic or a fusion of all of these you can be sure that you would really enjoy your meal.  If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to try out the cafés which are very well catered in Stockholm.
If tourists want to experience more casual and modest dining, virtually every district in Stockholm has local restaurants that serves a wide range of dishes in various styles and frequently function as local meeting places as well, especially those restaurants with adjoining bars.
Since 1897 this restaurant has been a favorite of artists. Many of their artworks hung in the walls of the restaurant which presented in lieu of payment because some of them were unable to pay their bills. Prinsen or  “The Prince” rides on its rich bohemian past, and artists still come here for their satisfying husmanskost which has reamained fresh and flavorful after many years. This place offers a mostly Swedish repertoire with some French inspiration but lately, more contemporary dishes have been creeping onto the menu. This restaurant also morphs into a local drinking club if you come or stay later in the evening.
Location: In the Center
Phone: 08/611-13-31
This 1915 tavern has always been a local favorite. This place serves very good food and draws a friendly crowd attracted by affordable prices and the kitchen’s deft handling of fresh ingredients. An array of traditional Swedish dishes that often have French overtones, such as filet of beef served with fried potatoes, egg yolk, and horseradish can be seen on the menu of this restaurant. Later, tourists can go downstairs and enjoy the authentic local bar, where DJs spin the latest hits on Friday and Saturday nights.
Location: In the Center
Phone: 08/527-281-00
After appeasing your appetites with the delicious Swedish cuisine, you might want to head down to the city’s theaters or night clubs and bars to taste more of Stockholm’s nightlife.