Stockholm is one of the world’s leading centers of music. Their music scene has produced and inspired artists for many years and a number of groups have launched their world tours in Stockholm. It all began with ABBA, the first Swedish group to achieve international success in the 1970s. They proved that it was possible to export Swedish pop music abroad. Sweden is the third largest exporter of music today after the US and Great Britain. Swedish music industry exports about SEK 3.3 billion a year and 90 per cent of this industry is located in Stockholm.
Stockholm has become something of a music hub in Scandinavia, being home to video producers such as Jonas Åkerlund, the Internet music seller Boxman and EMA Telstar, the largest event producer in Scandinavia. There are approximately 40 recording studios in Stockholm, including the renowned Cheiron studios where Max Martin produces recordings for global stars such as Britney Spears. Fashionable Stockholm attracts artists from the whole world. To name a recent example, Back Street Boys produced their latest release in Stockholm.
Stockholm offers a wealth of musical and theatrical events. One popular pastime is to enjoy concerts, opera and theatre performed in concerts held in settings typical of the period in which the music was originally performed. Stockholm’s amusement parks and gardens feature performances by many popular Swedish and internationally renowned artists throughout the summer.
Stockholm International Jazz & Blues Festival
Established in 1980, is an annual jazz festival in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a major summer event of Stockholm and it is spread over several venues across the city. Here, world-renowned artists and groups from Sweden and abroad are coming to Stockholm every July to appear in the Stockholm International Jazz & Blues Festival. With five days of jazz, blues, soul, and Latin, the festival attracts a larger audience each year.
Where the Action Is
The name is taken from a song from The Hellacopters second album Payin’ the Dues which was where the action is or WTAI. This was once a tour featuring Swedish rock bands that toured throughout Sweden between 2004 and 2006. Among this were high profiled Swedish bands and artists such as The Hellacopters, The Hives, The Ark, Moneybrother and many others. But this festival started in 2007 when the tour took a hiatus and then came back in 2008 as a one day festival in Stora Skuggan, Stockholm.