More than 700 years old, the city of Stockholm has surely built some of the best museums in the world. They even have around 80 museums and attractions wherein you can really see the city’s rich history.
Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm was the world’s first open-air museum. It is a living, working Sweden of the 1900s and hosts events, festivals and celebrations across a large area dotted with farm building, mills, ‘olde worlde’ shops and a stunning wooden church. There are some 160 buildings here that have been brought in from various part of the country to form a society of the times. Skansen also has a zoo that features elk, wolves, lynx and brown bears.
Vasa Warship Museum
Vasa Museum in Stockholm is one of the museums that should not be missed. Built around the Vasa, the world’s only surviving 17th century ship and the story of her rescue is as dramatic as her sinking; all captured in stunning detail at this finest of museums. The museum tells the story of how she was built, how and why she sunk and how she was lifted from the murky depths of Lake Mälaren in Stockholm and then perfectly preserved for future generations to admire.
Naturhistoriska Museet
Known as the mother of all Stockholm’s museums, it is housed in an imposing building out by the University of Stockholm and its mission is to: “offer knowledge about nature and man’s surroundings. We wish to make it as exciting as possible. We want to add to your knowledge by providing experiences”. This it does superbly well through its eight permanent exhibitions, starting with “4 1/2 billion years – the history of Earth and Life”, through to: “Treasure of the earth’s interior.”  The museum also has satellite exhibitions of events and experiences around these. Children visiting the museum also find the museums Cosmonova as a very thrilling experience, which is part of Naturhistoriska. What happens is that you sit back on your seat and it tilts in synch with giant film images that are projected on to a projection dome high above you. The effect is amazing and gives a heightened dimension of brightness, realism and sharpness. Examples of these films are “Dinosaurs Alive”, “Mummies” and “Cosmic Voyage”.
Tourists can even avail of their Stockholm card that offers: Free admission to 80 museums and attractions, Free travel by public transport, Free trip on the Royal Canal tour (April-Dec), Free bicycle sightseeing in English (summer), Bonus offers like discounts on sightseeing tours with the bus companies Stockholm Panorama and Open Top Tours, and discounts on boat trips to Sigtuna, Skokloster and Drottningholm and a Free guide book. This card is valid once per museum or attraction and is valid for 1-5 days depending on the price.